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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Monday 7th

7 January 1861

Wednesday 9th

9 January 1861
8 January 1861
Tuesday 8th

A fine day. The party feeling of the time had made it a holiday for all but the members of the Committee. We assembled and proceeded to talk over all that was left to be disposed of,47 The fugitive slave law in its amended form was agreed to. And a discussion was raised upon some propositions of Mr Dunn which were finally amended, and refered to subcommittee to put in proper form for adoption. I said last of all that I should not call up my resolution, nor should I be ready to vote for the report in any form unless the delegates from the slave states should be present to signify their assent to it, or at any rate to express their opinion until such time as the Chairman should think fit to call us together. We have now reached the critical moment, and my action must be decided. Either these men must come into my propositions or I must refuse to adopt them. And at all events I must try them on my preliminary resolution. Mr Morrill and Hull Adams dined with us. My letters and the newspapers from home shew a continued stream of indignation against me for what I have done, in regard to the New Mexican proposition. Such are the hazards of politics, in critical times. A man must take his political life in his hand in tis species of conflicts just as desperately as in the more common struggles of physical force. I am doing what I firmly believe is for the best interest of all parts of the country. If my propositions fail of support, the rejection of them will only shew the more clearly the arrogant and desperate spirit of the agitators. And this may be useful in the end.

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