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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Wednesday 9th

9 January 1861

Friday 11th

11 January 1861
10 January 1861
Thursday 10th

The usual industry in the morning. Attended at the capitol. The business confined to District matters, and very dull. Nothing done, mainly an account of the incompetency of the Chairman of the committee, who really seems quite unable to manage matters. The only real aid which saved him one measure came from Mr Burnett of Kentucky. Adjurned at four o’clock. Had company to dinner, consisting of Mr Pennington, his wife and two daughters, General Scott and his aid Colonel Keyes, Mr and Mrs Dixon, Mr and Mrs Foster, Judge McLean, Mr and Mrs Winter Davis, Mr and Mrs Chandler, and Mr Dixon’s daughter. It was very lively and pleasant, and they staid until after ten. General Scott assured us that the measures taken to secure the peace of this city are quite effective, yet the rumors of attacks from abroad continue.

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