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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Friday 11th

11 January 1861

Sunday 13th

13 January 1861
12 January 1861
Saturday 12th

There was another call for preliminary meeting of an our friends. I think Mr Cowrin’s report was read this morning instead of yesterday. It is moderate and reasonable but wants faith and philosophy. The members were just as variant as ever. Soon after twelve I went into the House and at one crossed over to the Senate to hear Mr Seward who was speaking. A more densely packed assemblage in the galleries and all outlying rooms and lobbies never was in the Senate I was so50 situated as not to hear him well, and it was not a great while before the calls became so urgent from the House which was suffering for the want of a quorum that I returned and was detained so as to lose the rest of the speech. The mischievous men on the other side were trying to delay the passage of the naval bill by division to shew the absence of a quorum, so we had to remain steady and carry it through. It was late when the House adjourned. I went home to dine, and at seven returned to the Capitol to the caucus of members of the republican party of the House. The room was full, and as I entered Mr Etheridge of Tennessee was holding forth urgently pressing us to suffer him to introduce his batch of Crittenden resolutions next Monday. His amiable, kindly way had more effect than the menacing style, and at the end a good man were disposed to humor him. Then followed a pointless discussion upon some resolutions prepared by Mr Sherman, in which much folly was exhibited. At last I slipped in a word relating to the Committee of thirty three, and invited the expression of opinion whether it was advisable to report or otherwise. This elicited a diversity of sentiment so that nothing came of the motion. It is clear then that our friends will divide, and we must let matters take their course. Home at two.

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