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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Tuesday 15th

15 January 1861

Thursday 17th

17 January 1861
16 January 1861
Wednesday 16th

I now resume my usual habits of attendance on the House. Prior to the hour I am engaged in writing or receiving person who come to see me on business. I find I have much more to do this season than the last. To day the general debate in committee of the whole was conducted upon the appropriation bill. Mr Garnett of Virginia made a speech which had no effect in the House, but which was given in better taste and better temper than has been customary. The departure of so many of the more violent members has had the effect of toning down the House to such a degree as to make it a much more respectable and dignified body than it was last year. Mr Sickles also made a speech, a portion of which was tolerably sound. We sat until about four when I returned home before the Committee rose. Mr Webster of Philadelphia whom I saw last year when I delivered my address there, and Mr Sumner dined with me. The latter as usual was full of big stories of conspiracies and troubles in Maryland and elsewhere. Either he is very fearful of else he wants to have disturbance and bloodshed. Mr Harvey asked me yesterday for the minority report. I gave it to him, and he returned it today, having made a copy to send to the New York newspapers. Evening at home.

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