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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Thursday 24th

24 January 1861

Saturday 26th

26 January 1861
25 January 1861
Friday 25th

For the first time for a long while I had a little headache which lasted all day. I am troubled with this much less frequently here than at home, but now and then, especially if I vary my usual life by dinners I suffer. At the House. Mr Nelson made a strong and earnest speech in very good temper, and quite conciliatory. On the whole this series of speeches has been quite encouraging, and rather tempts me now to enter into the debate. Other speeches followed until quite late, so that I did not reach home until half past five. Dined at Mr Schleiden’s in company with Mr Palfrey, Messrs Seward and Sumner, and Baron Gerolt, the Prussian Minister The entertainment was quite exquisite, as were the wines, but I was scarcely in a condition to enjoy them. We had some conversation about the present state of things. Mr Schleiden is a close observer and he has good means of information. His view is very discouraging. On the other hand Mr Seward is light and hopeful. He still believes in a peaceful issue to the difficulty, and a restoration of the Union. I am inclined to hope that we may yet bridge over the chasm until the fourth of March, which is the dangerous period. Baron Gerolt is a light and intelligent gentleman who has been here a long while, and observes also. We strolled along home at about ten—and I tried to do some work, but not with much profit as my fatigue was considerable.58

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