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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Thursday January 31st

31 January 1861

Saturday 2d.

2 February 1861
1 February 1861
Friday February 1st

I was hoarse and uncomfortable from my cold, but still easier in my mind from getting disheartened of the loud upon it. At the House as usual. Mr Hamilton and Mr Stokes made good and earnest speeches which were well relieved by the House. As to the galleries, applause there has become so habitual that he speaker merely raps with his hammer as if were a pure casual piece of disorder. I was much complimented about my speech by several person, and the publishers of the newspaper called the republican begged of me the right to print it. I consented to this, and at night they sent me the slips to correct Dined with Governor Seward. Nobody there but his son, and a Miss Martin whom I recollect to have seen some time last winter. The dinner was not quite so lively as usual and after a game of whist, Mrs Adams down to Mrs Randy Johnson’s reception, and I came home.63

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