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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Monday 11th

11 February 1861

Wednesday 13th

13 February 1861
12 February 1861
Tuesday 12th

Whilst in the midst of work I had a visit from a Mr Hadfield of Buffalo, who came to read me a long letter about the relations between this country and Canada. I heard a part and postponed the remainder until evening, when he came and read the rest. The subject is very interesting and I invited further communications from him, after his return home. He is English born, but has lived here some years, and is familiar with the trade and the feelings of the Order. At the House, where we were engaged in a multiplicity of labors. The Committees on the fraud of the Secretary of War made a long and dull report which might have been much better done. But style is not the forte of members of Congress. At home Mr W P Phillips dined with us. The ladies went to the Presidents reception, and from there to Mr Douglas’s ball. I staid at home writing.70

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