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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Thursday 14th

14 February 1861

Saturday 16th

16 February 1861
15 February 1861
Friday 15th

A cloudy, showery day. I went to the Capitol. The main business was the passage of the Post Office Appropriation bill. After which the special order was called for and speeches were made by Mr Vandever and Mr De Jarnette. I was much fatigued and paid little attention. There was a proposition for a caucus at night, but I have been so much dissatisfied with the profitless discussion of former meetings that I determined not to go. All my space time is absorbed in answering letters which pour in upon me. Mr Burlingame came today to urge no action upon the report of the committee of thirty three. He was very friendly and eulogistic. After many years of distance and neglect He now returns to his ancient professions. I am a little afraid he thinks of my possible influence with Governor Seward in the matter of the Sardinian mission. Evening at home writing. Quite tired out, so that I did not go to the caucus.

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