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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Saturday 16th

16 February 1861

Monday 18th

18 February 1861
17 February 1861
Sunday 17th

Variable day. Attended Divine service and heard a man apparently a German preach a Sermon, which I could not follow. My own mind has become so much absorbed in the questions of immediate moment, that the instant I become quiet and in repose, I am apt to fall asleep. At home I was busy in franking documents, and writing letters. Mr Crowninshield and Mr Sumner dined with me, and we had a pleasant conversation. The latter was obviously under restraint, which rendered him on the whole a little more agreeable. But through it all I think I see our intimacy is at an end. He never was tolerant of differences of sentiment. It constitutes the great defect of his character as a public man. Afterwards, a gentleman by the name of Marié came to see the ladies, which prevent our going to Mr Eames’s as invited. My daughter Louisa was quite sick with a cold and confined to her bed.

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