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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Friday March 1st

1 March 1861

Sunday 3d

3 March 1861
2 March 1861
Saturday 2d.

The last legislative day of this portentous session. Looking back upon it, the idea is that of escape from impending dangers by the providence of God. I sat in my desk as well as I could considering the demands upon my time by strangers, and examined calmly the boisterous scene around me. The differences between the bodies about the appropriation bills were gradually reconciled. Mr Bingham tried to get up his force bill, but he could not suspend the rules. As the role was commencing MrMillson came over from the other side and tried to persuade me not to vote for it, on the ground of its unfavorable effect upon the feeling of the border states. I replied that however well disposed to peace with the slave states I felt bound at the same time to maintain the authority of the government; and I voted accordingly. These gentlemen press their reasoning a little beyond the line of legitimate argument. They could destroy government in the very act of defending it. We continued in session until half past six o’clock, when the last appropriation bill was settled up, and for the first time for many a congress a night session was unnecessary. We adjourned to meet at ten o’clock on Monday. I then went home.85

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