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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Saturday 16th

16 March 1861

Monday 18th

18 March 1861
17 March 1861
Sunday 17th

Clear. Attended Divine service at Chauncy place where Mr Ellis preached as usual. The congregation grows larger but in other respects every thing looks just as usual. Nothing strikes me so much on returning from a winter of so much agitation and anxiety as the contrast of repose and fixedness visible here. I took a walk but the melting snow made it uncomfortable. In the afternoon I went again and heard a discourse from a Mr Silsbre, I believe, upon eternal punishment. I afterwards read a sermon of Dr Channing’s delivered at Baltimore, which is the best embodiment of Unitarian doctrine that I knew of. After dinner we had visits from Mr Josiah Quincy Jr, Dr Bigelow, Dr Frothingham and Mr George S Hale.97

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