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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Saturday 23d

23 March 1861

Monday 25th

25 March 1861
24 March 1861
Sunday 24th

Mild so that the streets are by no means comfortable for pedestrians. The children resumed their reading of the Scriptures with me this morning, a practice which like almost every other one of domestic life has been broken in upon by transfer to Washington. Attended Divine service and heard Mr Briggs preach two good, sensible sermons from which I ought to have gathered far more than I did. I afterwards read a sermon of Dr Channing originally preached a Dudleyan Lecture upon revealed religion. On the whole I find his Unitarianism to be that with which I most assimilate. The remainder of my day was devoted to writing letters. In the evening I had a visit from Mr Horace Gray with whom I had a conversation on public affairs. He explained to me much of the action in Massachusetts during the winter.

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