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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Friday 5th

5 April 1861

Sunday 7th

7 April 1861
6 April 1861
Saturday 6th

I had a stream of visiters continuously until one when I stopped it as usual. This beings to vex me as the prospect of doing any thing for them declines. It seems as if I ought to being to run the use of my own time. Many come that I must disappoint at once, and not one in fifty that I can gratify. At last I walked down in town. There is good deal of panic about the news from Washington which looks warlike. I confess that I think a collision somewhat more probable, than I did. Yet on the whole the appearance of energy at head quarters has rather a good than a bad effect. On my return home I received a visit from Mr Butler and Mr Charles Hale who presented to me an invitation to a public dinner signed by a hundred and seventy five person comprising many of the leading men of all the political divisions now prevailing. I expressed my thanks for this honor and my desire to examine it more at large in order the better to prepare a reply. Of course, I must decline it. Yet the mode of doing so and avoiding offence. In the afternoon I went with my son charles to Mr Black’s to be taken in a photograph for what they call a carte de visite. The man took six impressions, not one of them much to my liking. My friends having found out my fame are desirous of copies, so I have them done. Quiet evening at home, steadily at work.

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