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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Friday 12th

12 April 1861

Sunday 14th

14 April 1861
13 April 1861
Saturday 13th

The news of today is that firing has been continued at Charleston for twenty four hours and that the end has been the capitulation of Fort Sumpter. This in the face of formidable demonstrations for relief made by the Government at the eleventh hour. A perfect verification of Governor Seward’s prediction that the President instead of withdrawing Major Anderson at once, and appearing thereby to act magnanimously, would hesitate and delay and thus end by doing the thing from necessity. My morning was again absorbed by person coming for place or from disappointment at not getting it. The most amusing instance of it was a formidable appearance of several gentlemen from Braintree with MrS. D Heyden, who read me a short speech requesting me to revise my selection of a person in the Custom House from that town, and give all a chance to begin again. I replied very briefly by intimating that my action had been predicated upon information satisfactory to me, that the selection had been made and the nominee had received notice. Hence to unsettle the thing now116 would be cruel to him, and would lead only to new disappointments from the same number of men. Others came in on similar errand. I escaped at one o’clock, and called upon the Governor at the State House. He was not alone, so that I had no opportunity to talk with him in private. My desire was to consult him about the suitable moment to send in him resignation of my present place. I suppose it is in fact vacated now, but there are many reasons why I should finish up if possible the nominations to the post offices so as to clear the way for the subsequent election. Afternoon and evening pretty busy. Chief Justice Bigelow called and we had a political conversation on the condition of things which we both lament. Miss E C Adams was here in the evening , and I delivered to her, her papers.

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