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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Sunday 21st

21 April 1861

Tuesday 23d.

23 April 1861
22 April 1861
Monday 22d

Light rain and then cleared away. Occupied today in finishing the draught of my little valedictory, to my people in the third Congressional District and in bringing up my accounts. But I find it difficult to set my mind to any thing steadily. The excitements attending the expectation of intelligence respecting the movements around the seat of government is sufficient even when there are nothing but rumours to make ordinary occupations laborious. To day there was very little authentic news, mainly owing to the cutting off of the communication. Very few office seekers and now letters. The city is alive with labor to assist the expediting of soldiers. I called at Mr Ward’s touching my arrangement to transmit funds to the Messr Baring for my use in London, and settled the matter. The only question left is about the final instructions, and this now makes me anxious. Mr Frank Brooks was here to tea and in the evening I had a visit from Mr F. B Crowinshield who wanted me to give a letter to Mr Dallas, as he is going out to purchase arms for the State. It is now becoming plain that to call our seventy five thousand men is of no great service if the government cannot be reasonably sure to provide arms for their use. And they want the very best. I wrote a general letter of introduction and sent it to him.

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