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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Wednesday 24th

24 April 1861

Friday 26th

26 April 1861
25 April 1861
Thursday 25th

Mrs Adams’s birth day. Fifty three. It was a pleasant spring-like morning, but I felt more nervous and uncomfortable than any day. The applicants for place among me more than at any preceding time though the aggregate has diminished. I was especially troubled by a pertinacious man from Blackstone today who has a favorite whom he desires to force down the majority of the people against their will. These local disputations on small offices present a disagreeable view of our politics. I have discharged myself of all further responsibility, and today dismissed this gentleman rather summarily. Mr Wood came and gave me a narrative of his escape from Washington and adventures through Baltimore125 Strange the vicissitudes of human affairs, when from a condition of profound peace and security, a people are plunged at once into disquietude and danger. The news was not entirely satisfactory today. There is still delay in transporting the troops from Annapolis to Washington, and the newspaper bulldogs are beginning to bark about it. In the mean while the most extravagant sensation stories of great forces about to go against Washington are indulged in. It is now difficult to say which party is most frightened at the idea of attack. The government at Washington, or that at Montgomery. My day was passed much like its predecessors. I tried to make a balance in my accounts today, but did not succeed in bringing them out today. Mr and Mrs Kuhn were here to dine and in the evening. Charles went down to his duty at the fort. Mr Ward called for a moment, and Mr Horace Gray called for a little while in the day. Mr Butler was here also.

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