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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Monday 6th

6 May 1861

Wednesday 8th

8 May 1861
7 May 1861
Tuesday 7th
At sea

In the course of the night the wind shifted to the westward and the sky cleared. The effect was to relieve us materially, though the sea was yet pretty rough. My stomach was so much upset that I remained quiet and lived on a biscuit. In such circumstances action is utterly out of the question. Life is mere vacancy. We were crossing the Bank most of the day, which is always hazardous in thick weather from the risk of collision with fishing boats and other vessels. We passed only two or three of these fishermen in our whole track. It is a little early to see them, besides which the Captain has been so apprehension of ice that he has gone south of Newfoundland a couple of hundred miles, which brings us on the edge of the Bank.

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