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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Saturday 11th

11 May 1861

Monday 13th

13 May 1861
12 May 1861
Sunday 12th
At sea—Liverpool.

The Captain did see land at half past three, but I did not get up on deck until after six when we were close in upon the South coast of Ireland not far from Bounty bay. The day was very fine, and the swell of yesterday had disappeared. So we went on watching the variations of the variations of the scenery with a confident hope that we were to have no more uneasiness at the stomach. The country looks rocky and barren with here and there a patch cultivated where any sail can be gathered together. Not a tree or a bush to be sen. Here and there a square stone tower stands in solitude on some high point. The appearance is much like that at Nahant and Cohassett. As we went along eastward the arable land increased, but there was little of attraction until we reached Queenstown where a tender came off to take the mail bags for the south of England. The Steamer Persia was lying in the harbour, waiting for the mail prior to starting west. I sent by her a letter to my son John mentioning our progress. The whole of today was very pleasant. We reached the Irish channel and passed the Tuskar light soon after sundown, and rejoiced in the idea that another night only was left us in the Steamer.

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