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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Thursday 16th

16 May 1861

Saturday 18th

18 May 1861
17 May 1861
Friday 17th

Chilly but clear. I was busy last night and this morning in writing my despatch No 1. giving an account of my action thus far. I sent it to the legation to be copied, but before it could be completed I received from Washington, despatches No 3 and 4, the last of which expressed not a little indignation at the behavior of the ministry here and142 directed me at once to demand an explanation. This made it necessary for me to go at once to the Legation and modify in some degree the despatch already written, and to prepare and send off a note to Lord John Russell to request an early interview. This was accordingly done. Afterwards I went out with my son Henry and made the usual formal calls on the Ministry and the corps Diplomatique. Mrs Adams also took a share of the toil in a separate carriage. In this way the whole afternoon was accomplished, and I did not quite complete my object. Edward brooks dined here with us and spent the evening pleasantly. He took leave of us tonight as he returns to Paris in the morning. We shall miss his cheerful society.

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