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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Friday 24th

24 May 1861

Sunday 26th

26 May 1861
25 May 1861
Saturday 25th

The weather continues clear and fine. But I am languid and uncomfortable. My morning slipped away insensibly. Visits as usual. One from Mr W H. Charming who came to say that he leaves for America on Saturday next. Great number of American are returning. The news from there is however rather encouraging. The energy of the government in preparation is continued, but no clue is yet furnished of the plan of operations. The people too are keeping up their activity and zeal. The city of Baltimore appears to be tamed down so that the communications with the free states are completely reestablished. This a most important point. I walked with my son Henry to look at houses in what is called Belgravia, but found none to suit. I then drove in the carriage with Mrs Adams to return several visits, which consumed the day. Dined with the Duke of Manchester according to invitation— A small and social company of whom I remember only Lord and Lay Tankerville, and Lord Huntington. Two more ladies and three gentlemen I did not catch when presented. The dinner was quite pleasant and free from form.148

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