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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Monday 27th

27 May 1861

Wednesday 29th

29 May 1861
28 May 1861
Tuesday 28th

Cloudy and chilly east wind. I think morning agreed to take a house No 17 St George’s place, Hyde park corner, by the week for a month certain, and perhaps longer. It is very small, but it may do to get out of a hotel, until I can look round and obtain a permanent place, provided always that my stay becomes decided. Of this I hope to know more clearly on the receipt of an answer to my last despatch, which must come in a couple of weeks. In the mean we must put up with inconveniences. I am under a general impression that things are mending here gradually but slowly, although I scarcely know how any change of ministry might modify the prospect. I went to the Legation, and had some visits at home, after which I paid some with Mrs Adams. They are all formal. Dined by invitation with Lord Wensleydale who had an assemblage of his profession. Lord Cransworth, fromerly the Lord Chancellor, Dr Lushington, Sir Cresswell Cresswell, Sir Edward Williams, and several otehrs whose names I lost, as well as a Mr Howard, a member of Parliament. The dinner was easy and pleasant, although there was little of general conversation. After dinner Lady Wensleydale received us, and several ladies and gentlemen dropped in, so that I did not get away until nearly midnight.

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