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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Saturday 8th

8 June 1861

Monday 10th

10 June 1861
8 June 1861
Sunday, 8th

Cloudy with rain. I sallied out to find a church to attend. But not having any definite idea of direction I walked along the road to Brompton and thence across to the park without finding a single church. I then crossed back to get over the Green park which made us too late for service. My stay in this house is so uncertain that I cannot fix upon any place in the neighborhood to attend steadily for fear that I may by my removal make it inconvenient, and I do not like to be at the mercy of people for a seat. The rain kept me at home afterwards until six when I took a short walk with the children. Mr and Mrs Sturgis paid us a visit. In the evening we were entirely alone. The sense of rest from the bustle of the week was very refreshing. It was moreover quite necessary to me, as I felt unwell all day.

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