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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Thursday 13th

13 June 1861

Saturday 15th

15 June 1861
14 June 1861
Friday 14th

Quite warm. This is my busy day. Yesterday I suceeded in making up two despatches to the State Department, but today I wrote to my son Charles, to Mr Everett and to Mr Dana. Besides which I have visits from several persons. Mr Dormer of Dorchester was the most interesting to me. Two others, Dr Mullikin and Dr Barton had letters to me. Mr Sanford also came in. So that the time passed pretty rapidly. I was moreover suffering from a headach which did not leave me until five o’ clock. I have not felt entirely myself since my voyage. Took a walk and viewed another house, which will not do. Dined by invitation with Mrs Mansfield. She is a daughter of General Sam Smith of Baltimore whom I well remember when in Congress, but what brought her here I cannot learn. Of the company were Mrs Motley, Lady William Russell, Mr Conyngham, a member of Parliament and also Mr Cory and their wives. That was all I could learn. A couple of sons and the Wife of one of them. After dinner, we went for half an hour to Count Flahaut’s reception. Quite a crowd, and we were fortunate enough to find and make several acquaintances. The ice crust of London society is particularly thick, and my doubt is whether it will ever compensate for the labour of breaking it. I suppose it is part of my duty, so that I shall persevere. Home at a little after twelve.

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