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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Saturday 15th

15 June 1861

Monday 17th

17 June 1861
16 June 1861
Sunday 16th

Mr Ralston had invited us to go to the Temple Church today, so Mrs Adams and I drove down at eleven o’ clock to the city. From a plain unpretending arch in Fleet Street we were ushered into an ancient Gothic interior, ornamented in a quaint and curious fashion. This is the Church of the benchers of the Inner and Middle Temple, situated in the midst of their grounds and halls. The place was filled with people through admission can be had only by favor. The service was conducted mostly by the singers, and a sermon of the usual kind was preached by a person whose name I did not know. On the whole the ceremonies were solemn and impressive. And there was an interest in witnessing this continuation of worship for so long a period of time in a spot which with the progress of time has changed its exterior aspect every where else. Temple Bar was once the gate of the city. After the service we examined the buildings and the grounds with adjoin the river, and which appear nicely kept. Brooks came home from his school to spend Sunday, and I walked in Kensington Park with him and Mary. Towards evening I received my despatches and one or two letters. The former are rather more amiable in tone, so that the lease seems to be a little extended. A letter from Dana strong and sensible. One from Charles in the whole more encouraging. The public news still indecisive. We were all much absorbed in the newspapers which are tantalizing enough. I read a little of Mr Revoland William’s Essay which is certainly quite free for an Episcopalian. His Bishop has persecuted him for it.167

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