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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Friday 21st

21 June 1861

Sunday 23d

23 June 1861
22 June 1861
Saturday 22d.

I was much troubled with applications for presentation to the Drawing room. This is the most annoying of a Minister’s duties. For here is the precise point at which the social system of Europe and America most conflict. I find on recurrence to the records that Mr Dallas had already applied in behalf of certain persons, and he had received a favorable answer, so that for this occasion at least there will be little difficulty. I wrote letters most of the morning. The accounts from America came in today, but they only indicate an approaching storm. I think a few more days will bring it on. The irritation against Great Britain increases every moment, and I know not precisely the way to counteract it, so long as their own maladroit ways contribute additional fuel to the flame. In the afternoon Brooks came home from his school, and took a long walk with me during which I purchased sunday things for him. He seems to be tolerably content, and disposed to advance in his instruction. We went out by invitation to dinner at Mr J S Morgan’s, the partner of the house of Mr George Peabody. We met the first American company since we have been here, intermixed with a few English people. The entertainment very sumptuous. I put in a programme of the musical entertainment which followed, a large addition having been made to the company, and most of them americans either resident or transient. The singers were six swiss women, all unmarried but one, and she the best voice of the company. There was more harmony and spirit than softness of organ in the performance. we got away too late to go to Lady Derby’s.

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