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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Sunday 23d

23 June 1861

Tuesday 25th

25 June 1861
24 June 1861
Monday 24th

Fine day. Morning wasted in interruptions of all kinds. In the midst of a heavy shower of rain we went by invitation to the Speaker’s to see the opening of the day’s session of the House of Commons. We found him ready in his Wig and gown, and soon afterwards he marched from the library through the hall to the House preceded by the mace, and followed by a single bearer of his train. In these modern days and to us republicans the thing looks barely comical. We then witnessed the opening of the proceedings. The formal business is despatched very silently in about fifteen minutes. Bills are not even ready by their titles as with us, but are merely announced as read. As Mrs Adams came only to see this, and she had visits to pay we then left, and I took something of a walk on leaving the carriage. Brooks went back to school this morning. He is thirteen years old today, and one of the objects of my stroll was to find some little remembrance for him. He is a good boy as ever was, with a very fine disposition, but remarkable mental peculiarities. In the evening Mrs Adams and I went to another reception at the Countess de Flahaut’s. It was very full, and we had to wait so long to get the carriage, that we were compelled to give up going to Mr Gladstone’s.174

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