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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Tuesday 25th

25 June 1861

Thursday 27th

27 June 1861
26 June 1861
Wednesday 26th

For a wonder we had not a single engagement for the day. The respects is certainly agreeable to me who have been able properly to appreciate the advantages of this formal kind of society. I seized the opportunity to drive a long way off to return two visits from person who brought letters to me from America. One of them, Dr Grosvenor, is an intelligent man who has been travelling some time. I found him with his Wife and children, and spent half an hour with them discussing american complications. The other person Dr Ardrnunux all the way down in the city I did not find at home. The expedition consumed so much of175 the morning, that in point of fact it cost me the day. A good deal of time has been consumed this week in arranging the presentations at the Drawing room tomorrow. In point of regularity Mr Dallas had anticipated my power of nomination, as already he had filled the usual list for a drawing room in March which had not taken place on account of the death of the Duchess of Kent. The ladies in question claimed the nomination, and I thought it good. But there was much negotiation about the form of presentation which was at last amicably arranged. Mr Motley and her daughter preferring the Diplomatic circle although required to appear there in mourning, whilst the other two ladies, Mrs Cropsey the wife of the artist, and Mrs Shaffner the wife of a Kentucky man who appears to live here preferred brilliant dresses and the general circle. At five o’clock this day my friend Mrs Blunt sent in a letter dated the 24th, requesting to be presented, and reminding me of my offer on her former visit. I replied by pointing out the date of her note, which if it had then been sent in would have received consideration. But at this late date the list was closed under the court rule. So this important affair is disposed of for one year at least. Messr Wilson and Moran, my secretaries dined with us by invitation today and spent the evening.

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