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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Saturday 13th

13 July 1861

Monday 15th

15 July 1861
14 July 1861
Sunday 14th

I went out once more on a voyage of discovery, and after a long walked settled into the church of St Mary le Strand. Here is assembled evidently a very small congregation, s there were not more than fifty pews. In the centre were free seats for the poor and for children. The people looked like substantial persons of the middle class. The clergyman read the service, and the charity school children sang the responses. The sermon was upon189 charity. Giving better than receiving. 20 Acts 35. Crisp, short sentences of common place. The architecture of the interior is simple and cheerful. I like every thing for christian services better than the Gothic. There was a collection for the charity schools. Afterwards I rambled away until I found myself as far north as Euston Square, so that I did not reach home for an hour and a half. I worked hard to make up the arrears of my Diary. Visits from Mr and Mrs Sturgis and afterwards from Mr Bates. All very kind and gracious.

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