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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Wednesday 31st

31 July 1861

Friday 2d

2 August 1861
1 August 1861
Thursday August 1st

With the aid of my new room which is free from the interruptions of the legation I did more real work today than any day that I have been in London, I brought up my private accounts, and prepared all my letters on both public and private affairs for the mail bag tomorrow. I had no small quantity as Lord John Russell had written me an answer to my enquiry which it was necessary to send forward with remarks, both to the Department and to Mr Dayton. Having completed my business I walked with Brooks into the Regent’s park and visited the Zoological gardens, which furnish a constant source of amusement. The day was warm and it was quite amusing to see the rhinoceros and the hippotami gambol in the water. generally all the animals seemed to fell the effect of heat, whilst to me it was just a pleasant day. In the evening I walked over to see Edward and Mrs Brooks.

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