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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Friday 2d

2 August 1861

Sunday 4th

4 August 1861
3 August 1861
Saturday 3d

Mrs Adams has persuaded me to take a lesson twice a week in French conversation, with my children, and Madame Verdure their teacher. I do it but as yet find no benefit from it. My day was on the whole quite unprofitably spent. I took a long walk as far as St Paul’s, and according to my want rambled into sundry out of the way streets, looking in at the shop windows. What surprises me is the great wealth of the place. For even in the less frequented and retired places I often came across much that is rare and valuable amidst heaps of antiquated and curious relics. I made some purchases and then came home. Evening, I walked to Thomas, and spent an hour with the Brookses.

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