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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Friday 16th

16 August 1861

Sunday 18th

18 August 1861
17 August 1861
Saturday 17th
Matlock Bath

Every call of business having apparently been disposed of, I was now prepared to join my family again, and expected letters from them to know where they were, but hey did not come. So I started at about twelve, on the chance of finding them still at Matlock Bath. My trip was without incident and I arrived at a213 little after four o’ clock at Matlock Bath. A gentleman and lady were in the carriage with me, but we had no conversation. I reached Walker’s Hotel, and my party soon came in from an excursion to Chatsworth, to see the Duke of Devonshire’s place. The country around here reminds me more of New England than any thing I have before seen. The fields are divided by stone walls, and the surface is broken by ravines which carry through the streams in a very picturesque manner. this has been quite a popular water place in former days, but it seems to be losing ground. The separation of the mode of living makes a very different state of things from that existing with us. The streets seemed to be full, as we walked this evening, but in the main of persons form the lower classes come up for a day’s holiday. I saw but few of the more wealthy or more noble people any where. In the greater part of the shops were specimens of the mineral spar of the region made up in a variety of forms, of which we purchased a few for preservation and as memorials.

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