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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Friday 23d.

23 August 1861

Sunday 25th

25 August 1861
24 August 1861
Saturday 24th

A cloudy morning, but it cleared afterwards quite fine. I had a visit from Mr Schuyler who gave me an account of his proceedings. Yesterday Mr Morse called twice to see me respecting the contracts for English guns which were said to be going into the hands of the confederates. He seemed to want me to guarantee Mr McFarland’s agreements. I declined doing any thing about it on the ground that Mr Schuyler was now220 charged with the responsibility. Today Mr Schuyler expressed to me his doubts whether Mr McFarland’s interest was not affecting his judgment. The English people were pushing the matter to secure a high contract. This made me more and more glad that I was released from meddling with it. I wrote today to Mr Dayton covering a copy of my letter to Lord Russell for his information. And both original and copy were sent to their respective destinations. I took a walk and made one or two visits. Mr Schuyler dined with us and remained until late in the evening.

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