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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Sunday 25th

25 August 1861

Tuesday 27th

27 August 1861
26 August 1861
Monday 26th

We had this morning the despatches from America which usually absorb a good deal of time. There is intelligence of a disaster in Missouri and the loss of one of our best officers which affected my spirits more or less. But on the other hand221 the government letters as well as my private ones are more cheerful. I was engaged making up the arrears of my Diary which has got behind during my journey. Had a visit from Mr Burlingame who is now making arrangements to go to China. He explained his precise situation, and the long delay owing to the absence of instructions. He is content with his own destination, and professes to applaud the selection of Mr Motley in his place. So every body is pleased. He afterwards, dined with me in company with my Secretary, Mr Moran. We had quite a lively dinner. Mr Burlingame diverted me with his accounts of the Officiousness of our friend Sanford, and the trouble it has given to Mr Dayton.

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