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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Friday 30th

30 August 1861

Sunday. September 1st

1 September 1861
31 August 1861
Saturday 31st

Warm and clear. My morning passed a little desultorily as sometimes happens after the labor of the preceding days. I however disposed of several smaller applications which are perpetually coming to me on every sort of subject. The war in America has opened all the mouths of projectors and inventors, of traders and speculators, of adventurers and speculators, and it is my business to put a stopper on them. At five Mrs Adams and I with the two younger children drove down to the Waterloo Station there to meet and to accompany Mr Sturgis to his place at Walton whether he had invited us. It is in Surrey, about seventeen miles from town, on the river Thames, just above Hampton Court. We stopped at the Station where his carriages were in waiting to take us about a mile to his house. Here we were pleasantly welcomed by Mrs Sturgis. There was no other guest there but a Colonel Hawley. We took a cup of tea on the lawn which is very pretty and after watching the children a little while playing a game they call croquet, we went in to a luxurious dinner. After this was over we went into the billiard room and played a game of pool. I have not touched a cue before I think for five and thirty years. I never had much skill. This over, we were ushered to our rooms and retired.

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