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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Monday 9th

9 September 1861

Wednesday 11th

11 September 1861
10 September 1861
Tuesday 10th

Cooler temperature. The Autumn is making itself sensibly felt. I was much employed by visits.A gentleman by the name of Lucas, the Editor of a paper called the Star who came to enquire about the truth of a statement made in the New York Tribune that I had written home to the government my conviction that the Government here would soon recognize the230 Confederate States.I authorized him to contradict it, and at the same time explained to him some of the points in this controversy which altho he should be very glad at all times to gain information from me. At the same time I took occasion to ask of him the reasons for the opinion expressed in the spectator and in the Star that the government here was about to recognize the confederates. He said that eh had only an inference drawn from a sounding article in the observer. There can be no doubt that their impression generally prevails. Of course my position became an extremely critical one. At the same time he said that no such measure could be passed in the cabinet without hazarding a disruption of the Ministry. If that be so I am doubtful whether there is any ground for the notion. Mr John Bigelow came in afterwards and spent half an hour. He is just from America, and on his way to Paris where he is made consul. I then sat down and wrote a series of answers to letters, which took me until four, after which I accomplished a long walk Mr and Mrs Bigelow dined with us and spent the evening. On the whole I know not when I have felt more in doubt than today. There has been no answer yet to my note a week ago. The prevailing powers and the tone of all the leading newspapers seem to point in a direction which will put an end to my stay here at once. And the consequences I dare not foresee. So far as I am concerned, I am indifferent. I should be relieved to go into private life again.

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