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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Wednesday 18th

18 September 1861

Friday 20th

20 September 1861
19 September 1861
Thursday 19th

The morning was foggy, but the day proved fine. I devoted my time to the regular work of preparing my despatches. They were not difficult nor on such serious questions as heretofore. But the manual labor of my correspondence is not trifling. I wrote today another short French letter which occupied twice the time of an English one. At four o’clock, Mrs Adams went with me to the warehouse of Messrs Offord & Co to look for a carriage, a problem which has been puzzling me for a good while. We examined several and I agreed to go with my coachman to preview them tomorrow. We afterwards took a drive around the Regent’s park and I took a long walk still later. My spirits seem to flag a little under the presence of our home affairs. In the evening we were quietly at home.237

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