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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Saturday 5th

5 October 1861

Monday 7th

7 October 1861
6 October 1861
Sunday 6th

Cloudy and dull. I went to Church at the Unitarian chapel in Little Portland Street. About forty person in attendance. The same gentleman officiated, whom I saw when I was there before. He reads the service and the sermon well. It was announced that Mr Martineau could resume his duties next Sunday. For a man with his ability it must be discouraging to be under such a weight of aventinualities as seems to press upon all classes alike in this country. How is it that the reformation ever made headway, or the revolution of 1688? The remainder of the day spent at home in writing and reading. A long walk with my daughter Mary, around the regent’s park. In the evening I was much interested in General Fry’s account of the disaster at Baylen.250

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