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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Wednesday 9th

9 October 1861

Friday 11th

11 October 1861
10 October 1861
Thursday 10th

Wet in the day but it did not rain. As the proposed arrangement for sending the despatches through Queenstown seems to have failed from the incapacity or the disinclination of the Consuls to direct it I directed a return to the old arrangement by the way of Liverpool. This of course makes preparation necessary one day earlier in the week, so I was busy all this day in preparing the draught of my Despatches. I had only three, and they were not very long, so I finished and Mr Moran copied them today. I had visits from several person. Mr R W Mason was the principal one, who is on his way with his Wife to the continent in search of health. This week we have not seen many American. I wrote some other letters, especially one to Mr R C Winthrop. Walk with my daughter Mary. In the evening, I continued the Diary of Whitelock. His account of Christina is rather favorable, and the sketch of Chancellor Oxenstein very interesting.

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