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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Friday 11th

11 October 1861

Sunday 13th

13 October 1861
12 October 1861
Saturday 12th

For a wonder this was quite a day of vacation to me, and I scarcely know whether I improved as I should. In the morning I went out and executed some commissions which have been waiting my leisure, and I wrote some straggling notes. I had a visit likewise from a Mr Dodge who came to enquire whether I could give him any information about the qualifications for entry into the army. He is trying to fit himself out here by taking lessons for the cavalry. I told him that I knew nothing of the matter, but that I did not doubt he would find room. I walked round the Regent’s park. The day was very fine. Mr Hoffman dined with us. He is the son of Judge Hoffman of the Convention for the building of a monument at Philadelphia, and is intelligent and polite. He stayed until eleven

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