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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Wednesday 23d

23 October 1861

Friday 25th

26 October 1861
24 October 1861
Thursday 24th

A pleasant day and very mild. I walk out after sunset without an overcoat and feel warm, a thing not often possible at the same period of autumn at home. I was quite busy at home drawing the weekly despatches. They were much shorter than usual, as in fact there was but one to answer this week. I made out three however which occupied much of my day. A visit from a Mr Perry of Boston, who gave me some account of one or two fellow passengers of his over the water, and especially a Georgian who professes his devotion to the Union. ra ra airs in these lands. The news from home chequered as usual. Always some betrayal of feebleness and incompetency. There was a rumor of disaster below New Orleans which leaves us all restless until the next arrival, On the whole the situation here is growing worse rather than better. I accepted today an invitation to the Lord Mayor’s dinner at which I suppose I must make a speech. This is quite a trial to me in more respects than one. I have an aversion to the thing at all times, but especially just now. Long walk in the street all the way to Temple Bar and back. Evening at home. Read Malmesbury.262

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