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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Monday 28th

29 October 1861

Wednesday 30th

30 October 1861
30 October 1861
Tuesday 29th

Clear, fine day. I have been anxious today about getting off a youth by the name of Clarke who came from America and enlisted here in the army as a musician. His adopted father in Iowa has been very anxious to get him back and has procured instructions for me to act, which I have followed. He also put him under my care to send him home. I have clothed him and furnished all the facilities for his return by the Steamer that sails tomorrow, out of funds remitted for the purpose. I walked all the way down to the city to pay a visit to the Messrs Barings and to enquire about the fate of a draught sent to Washington more than five weeks ago. Its arrival had been heard from and that was all. I returned home and found Mr John S Dwight who came to take leave. I had a short time only to read one of Mr Senior’s Volumes. In the evening, having failed to see Mr Morse at his Office, I called at his house to speak with him about Mr Sanford’s matter. He disapproves the practice greatly, and I authorized him to write and advise Mr Sandford to discontinue it. The course of the government in the employment of its agents is very annoying.

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