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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Saturday 2d.

2 November 1861

Monday 4th

4 November 1861
3 November 1861
Sunday 3d.

A cloudless, cool day much resembling one of our New England days with the wind at the northwest. I went with my niece Ellen Frothingham to the Chapel in Little Portland place to hear Mr Martineau. The attendance though not so full as last Sunday was yet quite considerable. The sermon was rather more interesting. It considered the value of269 tradition as a support of religious faith discriminating justly between a proper estimate and that sweeping assumption of the older churches which denied the office of reason altogether. The communion was administered afterwards, presumably by the Minister, which is uncommon. With us the Deacons intervene. Many persons visiting at the house afterwards. Sir Charles Lyell and his Wife, Mr Peabody and some others. I went out and took a walk with my daughter Mary. In the evening Mr Morse was here and talked over the action of Mr Sanford, and the preparations now making in London by the confederate agents to despatch another Steamer next week. They are exceedingly active. I know not how much good our ability on this side may do, but as yet it must be admitted we have not saved our expenses. I have received notice that a government steamer touched at Falmouth yesterday, but her object is not mentioned.

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