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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Saturday 23d

23 November 1861

Monday 25th

25 November 1861
24 November 1861
Sunday 24th

A clear sharp day. The observer this morning had a telegram purporting to give the news that the expedition was completely dispersed. This was however inserted with such a reservation that I doubted not it was dictated by some conspirator. I noticed that the usual telegram two days later from Halifax was not inserted. The mystery was explained when I received from Mr Reuter, the telegraph agent a communication of a very opposite character. This announced the telegraph agent a communication of a very opposite character. This announced the loading of the troops at Port Royal after capturing the forts, cannon, ammunition and stores—altogether the most brilliant thing yet done. Our exultation was great but yet not as that of person unused to revises. I can only rejoice with trembling in this tremendous trial of our Institutions. Busy in the morning making up the arrears of my Diary. At three I went with Mrs Adams and Mary294 to attend the evening service at Westminster Hall. It was much more impressive than that which I attended in the day-time, partly perhaps owing to the effect of the partial lighting on the dimly seen vaulted arches, and partly to the more elaborate music and chanting. The only drawback was in the chill which was very considerable. In order to get rid of it Mary and I took a quick walk coming homeward. For the first time the ground was hard frozen under our feet. The evening passed very quietly.

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