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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Friday 6th

6 December 1861

Sunday 8th

8 December 1861
7 December 1861
Saturday. 7.th

Clear and mild. My morning engaged by enquiries addressed to me from consuls. The new men who came in are many of them entirely unacquainted with their duties and consequently they lean on me. I am therefore called upon to give them the law which has305 not until of late been withing my circle of studies. I had visits from Mr Bentsen and Mr Weed. The aspect of things reamins much the same as usual. No light of any clear nature from home. The newspapers rather mislead than otherwise, but the general impression they make upon me is rather unfavorable. After luncheon I went out with Mrs Adams in the carriage to return visits to Dean Milman and Mrs Milman, to Lord Stratford de Radcliffe whom I found on his sofa with gout, to a Mr Steele who brought me a letter who came to offer me the sympathy of his nation, some days ago. On my return I took a walk around the outer line of the Regents park, beyond the canal. Evening I read more of Lord Malmesbury.

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