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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Wednesday 17th

17 December 1861

Thursday 19th

19 December 1861
18 December 1861
Thursday 18th

On reflection I determined to ask a conference of Lord Russell in order to sound him on the prospect, and to determine satisfy my own mind, if possible, as to the ulterior designs of the government. Towards night I received an answer fixing tomorrow at three o’clock. I had a visit from Mr Weed who in the course of conversation told me that he had heard from a person claiming to have seen it, that among the last acts of Prince Albert was an interlineation of the despatch sent to America softening its tone. He had also heard of an intention on the breaking out of hostilities to seize at once upon the harbor of portland and the Grand Turk Railroad. He suggested my sending this news to America by a special messenger. I said that I must know the source of the news first. Mr Lucas came in also, and I had a good deal of conversation with him, explaining my ideas of the influences driving us into a war. I though I could now affirm that if it took place, the fault would not lie with us. I went with Mrs Adams and paid visits to Bishop McIlvaine and his daughters, and to young Mr Seward and his sister, who are bound to China. A short walk with Mary, and Whist in the evening.

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