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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Friday 27th

27 December 1861

Sunday 29th

29 December 1861
28 December 1861
Saturday 28th

Commonly this is my day of vacation, but for some reason or other I found my business hours all absorbed in writing. Mr Weed made a short visit simply to say that Mr J O Sargent had a letter form his brother Eppes to the effect that the sentiment was strong against giving up the men. He also had learned that preparations were already making to break ground in Parliament. Mr Thomson came again to say that they317 were about to apply for an injunction on the Nashville, before the Vice Chancellor today. They wished to know if I thought the owners should go on. I said, Yes very certainly. The trial was worth making. I had also a visit from M Uigazy a Hungarian refugee, now driven out of Texas who has been made consul at Aucenar Henry left me to return to Walton, where I advised Mrs Adams to stay over. SO that at dinner and in the evening I was entirely alone. I read Malmesbury’s letters to the end of his stay in Russia. A difficult position during the war in which he seems to have succeeded only in one thing, and that is keeping Mr Dana from being recognised as the American Minister.

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