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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1861

Monday 30th

30 December 1861
31 December 1861
Tuesday 31st

Rather a quiet day. I busied myself bring up my accounts to the close of the year. Mrs Adams called me into the dining room to look at some Cashmere shawls brought from India, which a merchant collected from the plunder of the troops during the sepoy war. As they seemed very reasonable I purchased some. I took my walk for a wonder in the day-time, in order to find a watchmaker’s shop in the strand. From thence I went to Farringdon which brought me back to Holborn and Oxford Street. We had Mr and Miss Weed to dinner and for the evening. He has been growing more hopeful of a pacific result. We shall now be receiving some clue to guide us through the mystery. Being somewhat fatigued I retired before the close of the year.

A memorable year indeed in the history of the world! The terrible explosion of the sad moral volcano of American slavery! Of my humble share in this scene I have made a simple record in this, the only of any value, of the long Diary of my life. For my humble self and mind I have to return thanks to the Divine being for extending his protection over us far beyond our deserts—and to pray that he may continue to deal with me not according to my offences, or my deserts, but in mercy ever abounding. We are even now in the midst of the vale of tears, walking uncertainly and in fear. May He show us the path which will lead to the salvation of his people!

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