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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Monday 6th

6 January 1862

Wednesday 8th

8 January 1862
7 January 1862
Tuesday 7th

I was roused in the night by a telegram announcing the arrival of the Europa but without bringing any decisive intelligence. The newspapers were on the breakfast table, but they were quite ambiguous. So that on the whole I regarded the prospect as less clear today than at the last news. Mr Hale had made a violent war speech, of which I think little, but the reply of Mr Sumner as reported, seemed to me feeble and hesitating. I had several persons to see me. Mr Parkes for news which I could not give him. Mr Weed for letters which he did not find. My Dispatches gave me no light and my private letters only indicated astonishment and indignation. So that the suspense is to continue perhaps a week longer. It cannot be more, as it appears that Lord Lyons had presented his demands on the 22d so that the period would end on the 29.th Mr Dicey called about Mr Story’s papers, and I suggested to him the expediency of some alterations, which he said he would make. Mr Dicey said he was going to the United States as an agent for McMillan’s Magazine which desired a friendly correspondent. Went with Mrs Adams to pay some visits, after which I walked round three sides of Hyde Park. Strained my eyes in the evening, reading the newspapers.

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