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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Wednesday 8th

8 January 1862

Friday 10th

10 January 1862
9 January 1862
Thursday 9th

The temperature is very sultry with great dampness. The morning papers give the news, but another telegram brings an account by the Jura of the substance of the correspondence that preceded the result. In Mr Seward’s letter I find the traces of my Despatch of the 3d of December. Looking back upon this critical business I cannot help feeling a wonder as well as of thankfulness, for our escape from the great variety of risks with which we were surrounded. I take comfort and am encouraged for the future. A little vigour and the smiles of providence on our arms may yet rescue us from impending dangers, as they have from this one that is past. I was engaged in preparing dispatches for the week. Another cheering piece of news yesterday was the arrival of a vessel of war, the Tuscarora at Southampton, just as the Nashville was ready to go out. I took a walk and paid a visit to Colonel Thomas who is ill at Edwards’s Hotel. In the evening I finished the interesting notes of Lord Malmesbury respecting the final disruption of the Whigs during the French revolution. Henry returned from Walton this evening.6

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