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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1862

Saturday 11th

11 January 1862

Monday 13th

13 January 1862
12 January 1862
Sunday 12th

Mrs Adams and I attended Divine service at the Unitarian chapel, where I have taken a pew. Mr Martineau officiated. There was a new service book which I did not like so well as the old one. His sermon was upon the old topic of the disconnection of morals with religion, against which he argued in his somewhat abstract manner. In all other respects an unusually quiet Sunday. I took a walk with Mrs Adams in the Regent’s park, and still later a long one, calling on my way upon Sir Gore Ouseley and Mr Bates, neither of whom I found at home. After dinner I went over to see Mr Parkes, by invitation, as Mr and Miss Weed had dined there. Mr Parkes had also an elder brother there. He is a very amusing old gentleman who talks all the time, and never listens to any replies. We had no sign of any arrival from America.9

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